Brave the wild ride with grace and integrity

Roller Coaster Marketing sums up the feeling of being on the wild ride of marketing just right - it can move at lightning fast speed, provide all sorts of twists and turns, it can start and stop abruptly - and at times, it certainly can cause some primal-level screaming. 

The first step is to accept that it will indeed be just that, a wild ride! If you expect something different, you won’t be at all prepared to deal with the inevitable surprises that will come. 

Are you an adventure seeker that thrives on change?

Do you get bored easily?

Do you relish the aroma of a fresh challenge?

Do you love to continue learning?

Are you a creative problem solver?

Do you secretly long to be a fighter pilot?

If you checked yes, then a career in marketing is for you!

Hang on and enjoy the ride

After 25 years in a marketing career full of cobra rolls, I have finally found that what actually works in these moments is to submit to them - and keep living.

After every stomach dropping roller coaster moment, there is a rising again that happens. And, what survives (we hope) are values that have stood the test. 

In the book Roller Coaster Marketing, you’ll be inspired by stories, be equipped with practical tips, and honestly - you’ll be entertained along the way. You’ll be encouraged to face tough challenges with a fresh perspective that sees beyond the inversion and on to the next achievement. And, you’ll do some work to fine tune your values when it comes to business, marketing, leadership and being a human being - so that when you face the inevitable Roller Coaster Moments in your life, you can do so with grace and integrity.

About the author

Stephanie Chadwick is a published thought leadership contributor and the CEO of Edge, an award-winning bespoke ad agency celebrating 22 years in business, serving clients across the U.S.  

With 30 years of experience in consulting and management, and a background in sales and marketing including roles at CBS Radio and Nordstrom, Stephanie challenges traditional leadership styles and leads from what she has coined as the “round table”. Exercising The Roundtable Leadership Philosophy® has consistently unearthed catalysts for positive change as she partners with groups of various sizes, from individuals to billion-dollar financial institutions.

Modeling the concept of putting people first in her own organization, Stephanie regularly authors pieces challenging others to embrace this mantle of unconventional, uncomfortable leadership – to revolutionize their company culture… to humanize the human experience as a worker, employee, teammate, contributor… to lead with empathy paired with boundaries that are often prodded and pushed, because… well, human nature! 

With a reputation as a forthright pillar of strength, this Mama Bear has weathered many storms in life. Stephanie leverages her unique experience and perspective as a female CEO and mother of four (including a set of twins!) to help provide insights and wisdom so that others can grow their impact on the community around them – in both their professional and personal lives.

In the community, Stephanie volunteers in the local school district, teaching Art Discovery, and serves in her local church, working with infants through 1st grade. In her “leisure time”, Stephanie loves reading, traveling, exploring the arts and the great outdoors and sharing those experiences with her family. 

Stephanie lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Scott, their lively in-house band, and their family brand ambassador – a chocolate lab named Basil.

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